Weight constraints? Height constraints? No problem. We recently added new routing options, to the avoids string collection, letting you easily avoid bridges or tunnels on your next trip. We’ve added these bridges and tunnels to our avoid string collection. The complete list now includes:

  • Limited Access (highways)

  • Toll Road

  • Ferry

  • Unpaved

  • Approximate Seasonal Closure (Seasonal roads may not be selected with 100% accuracy)

  • Country Border Crossing

  • New: Bridges

  • New: Tunnels

Additionally, you now have more control over the returned route from our Directions API. You can ensure certain road types are not included in the routes with “disallow,” or you can add your preference for certain roads with “prefer.” When using ”avoid,” the route avoids road types where possible, and you’re notified if the route was unable to avoid the road type. Conversely with the “disallow” feature, the route request will fail if a route does not satisfy your criteria. Currently, we only offer “prefer” for highways, and we’ll be adding additional road segments in the future.

Click here for more information on our Directions API.

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