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  • Meet Us At SXSW!

    I'm writing about one show while I'm attending another. I'm in the beautiful city of Miami at the Future of Web Apps conference. As this show is winding down from a great day of learning, meeting, networking and demoing, people are already talking about next big migration of developers and technophiles: The South By Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Tx.

    I used to live in Austin and I love when I have the opportunity to come back. This year when I visit, my MapQuest colleagues and I are also bringing a cool booth, some swag and most importantly some exciting, ground-breaking, game changing, super fantastic things to share and tell you. (Okay, I may have oversold that last part a little, but you will dig it.)

    Oh yeah, we're also on a Geeks Love Bowling team.

    So if you're heading to South By Southwest, please make sure you swing by our booth between Sunday, March 9th to Tuesday, March 11th. We look forward to meeting and chatting with you! If you're not going, keep reading this blog and the blogs of everyone who is going and having all kinds of fun that you're not.

    See you there (or not)!

  • ICanHasMapQuest?

    Humorous Pictures

    Fine, we admit it. The MapQuest platform does not officially support the LOLcode syntax. As you can see, this has caused some disappointment within the LOLcode programming community. It's not like we didn't take a shot at it. Below is early draft of some sample code one of our developers we call "Apple Hat" did for a prototype:

      CAN HAS API?
      I HAS A MAP
         AWSUM THX
            VISIBLE MAP
         O NOES
            VISIBLE "NO MAPZ HERE"

    Ultimately we had to abandon the whole project and go underground; it turned political. Management didn't feel that LOLcode adoption was growing at a rate that warranted formal investment of resources at this time. They alos frown upon poor grammar.

    Again, our apologies to the LOLcode community.

  • Surely You Can't Be Serious?

    Don't Call Me... Never Mind -- Old, Bad Joke.

    We are quite serious about being on a mission to providing great tools, resources, code, and the information you need to make using the MapQuest Platform easy and useful. From newbie to seasoned code jockey, we want to make sure we've got you covered.

    Without further Adieu...

    If you've found the blog, hopefully you've already seen our new MapQuest Developer Network. We recently launched the creatively named site as a hub for you guessed it... developers! The MapQuest Developer Network is your hub for downloading the software you need, documentation*, code samples and other helpful tools and information.

    For those who have already been developing on the MapQuest Platform, this site will slowly be replacing our Technical Resource Center.

    The MapQuest Developer Network is a work in progress and we're continuing to refine and improve it, but please let us know what other tools, info, or features would be helpful.

    Give it a visit!

    * Yes, even though you probably don't need any documentation with your mad programming skills, we figure we'd throw in instructions: "just in case!"

  • Is This Thing On?

    Welcome to the MapQuest Developer Network Blog!

    Fashionably Late

    Hey! We've finally gotten ourselves on the blogging bandwagon and this is the obligatory introduction post.

    Why all the blogginess?

    I'm not sure if "blogginess" is a word, but this blog is part of our effort to have more direct communication with developers. We know we've been a little slow shifting to a world of API mash-ups and "Dancing with the Stars," but we've been hard at work making major upgrades to our Platform and learning to Tango.

    We also get a lot of valuable feedback, information, and feature ideas from the development community. This blog, among other initiatives, are part of trying to shorten that feedback loop and give you somewhere to easily link to when gossiping about us. Besides, you have no idea how much paperwork was required to get out press releases; it's not like you were going to read them anyway.

    It's a 106 miles to Chicago

    Listen, we're on a mission here: To provide fantastic developer resources and information for your map mash-up, store finder, or enterprise LBS application: the MapQuest Platform. This blog is the place to hear about the latest news, info, how-tos, sports, and inside developer info. Well, maybe not sports. Keep your feed reader tuned here!

    PS: If you're ever in Chicago, we can recommend a cab driver named "Mario" to you.