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  • RoadTip: Developing iPhone Apps with the MapQuest Platform

    Chris Adamson is a developer and author. His most recent application for the iPhone, named "Road Tip," was just released to the App Store. It's a slick app that performs corridor searches of what's in front of you along your route. So that coffee shop that you past a few miles back? It's smart enough not to show it to you because you're not likely to turn around to visit it.

    As a developer, we thought you might also be interested in how Chris came to choose and work with MapQuest instead of using the default mapping and data tools in the iPhone SDK. "The Long and Winding Road Tip" is a very detailed piece on how and why the MapQuest Platform was the best choice for Road Tip.

    Roadtip Screenshot

    If you haven't checked out our mapping, directions, traffic, and geocoding APIs, Web Services for your project, visit the MapQuest Developer Network and see how we can help add geolocation features to your desktop or mobile application.

  • MapQuest Directions Web Service and Long URL Web Service Released

    Along with today's relaunch of the MapQuest Developer Network, we're also launching two new products to go with it.

    Directions Web Service

    First is our new Directions Web Service, which frees you of having to use a language-specific SDK for directions data and provides maximum flexibility in how you integrate those directions into your application.

    Features include:

    • Basic and Advanced Routing
    • Route Matrix
    • Draggable Routes

    Long URL Web Service

    One of the issues with Internet Explorer is that it has a 2048 character limit for URLs. This is problematic for long GET requests, since the URL could be truncated and cause an invalid request.

    The Long URL Web Service provides a solution to this by allowing your request to be split up in chunks. We then provide a single response.

    Easy to Use

    Both of these products kick off our new approach to helping developers. The documentation also contains the working code samples with source code, and all of it lives along-side the service.

    More to Come

    More Web Services are in the works. Check out the Beta section of the MapQuest Developer Network to try out our Geocoding Web Service and our Static Map Web Service.

  • MapQuest Developer Network Relaunched!

    DevNet Next

    MapQuest is happy to announce the launch of a completely rebuilt and revised MapQuest Developer Network. Our goal is to make it easy for the growing development community to get started with the MapQuest Platform and for experienced developers to find what info they need fast.

    What's New

    Documentation Made Easy
    Our new Web Services and upcoming 6.0 SDKs will have a simpler and concise set of documentation so you can view instructions, variables, samples, and source code all at-a-glance.
    Consolidated Application Management
    Your applications are now attached to MapQuest My Places. No more tracking multiple sets of credentials for the various MapQuest applications you manage. Access all of your account settings, tools, and resources from one place. If you were a user of our TRC, we've provided an easy way to migrate your accounts.
    Reorganized Site; Cleaner Interface
    Site content is now organized by product and technology, each with a dedicated forum to discuss topics with other developers. The site also has a cleaner look.

    devnet screens

    Check It Out

    Please give our updated Developer Network a look and let us know what you think.

  • JavaScript SDK 6.0 Beta: Now with iPhone Events

    iPhone ScreenshotWe've had a lot of excitement this month with multiple launches and cool projects. We wanted to make sure that we also highlight our recently updated JavaScript 6.0 SDK Beta. In the latest build, we've got some great additions to the feature set:

    • Overlay support, including CircleOverlay for quickly showing a radius
    • Routes can now be run without needing a map
    • Wrapper functions for easy access to the Directions Web Service RouteMatrix call

    The big new feature this time is support for iPhone/Mobile Safari events such as pinchToZoom. When Mobile Safari is detected, the support module is automatically included, registering touch events.

    In a few lines of code, you can also take advantage of the geolocation services in the device and default your map the the user's location.

      function(position) {
            lat:  position.coords.latitude,
            lng:  position.coords.longitude

    More news and announcements coming soon. Stay tuned.

  • We Love L.A.! Meet Us at Adobe Max!

    In addition to auditioning for sitcoms at the studios, MapQuest will be at the Adobe Max conference in Los Angeles, October 4th-7th. We'll be talking to developers, showing demos of our MapQuest Platform using the current 5.3 AS3 SDK and our upcoming 6.0 SDK (currently in Beta). My colleague Ant will also be demonstrating his ability to cry on cue for any casting directors in attendance.

    We've also partnered with Adobe to power an Interactive Map of the area. The MapQuest-built Adobe Max Locator application will show conference goers nearby restaurants, hotels, conference shuttle locations, and other hot spots near the Los Angeles Convention Center, home to this year's event.

    Adobe Max Locator

    If you're heading to Adobe Max, stop by and say "Hi!" We'll be in Community Pavilion Booth #843, sitting next to you in the Sessions, or in line to audition for the parts of "Guys in Background" for an upcoming episode of "How I Met Your Mother."