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  • OpenAPI Product Being Retired

    At the start of the New Year, MapQuest will be retiring the MapQuest OpenAPI product, having launched the more feature rich MapQuest Platform: Free Edition product. Since the MapQuest OpenAPI does not use the same backend as our newer APIs, nor does it provide the breadth in functionality, we want to provide you with a better free experience. Don't wait - make the switch today!

    If your application is currently being powered by the MapQuest OpenAPI product, you will need to migrate to one of 6 APIs available in the MapQuest Platform: Free Edition product prior to January 31, 2009.

    Our MapQuest Platform: Free Edition product offers more flexibility and ease of development along with providing developer choice with six APIs:


    • Java
    • C++
    • .NET


    • JavaScript
    • AS3 (ActionScript 3: Flash, Flex, AIR)
    • FUJAX (Write JavaScript, output Flash)

    Our MapQuest Platform: Free Edition product includes many additional features including:

    • COLLECTIONS: Support for multiple and remote collections (KML and GeoRSS); allowing easier handling of shape collections.
    • ADVANCED SHAPE OVERLAYS: Build applications that allow users to create and interact with a variety of overlays on maps, including custom lines, polygons, rectangles, and ellipses
    • Add REAL-TIME TRAFFIC to your map
    • SMART ROLLOVERS: Rollover windows that adapt their size and positioning based on the content placed in the window.
    • ADVANCED MAP MARKERS: With the MapQuest "declutter mode," automatically move collided markers to positions on the map with a leader link pointing to their original location.

    The MapQuest OpenAPI product servers will go offline on Saturday, January 31st, 2009. Please plan on migrating your application before this date or applications based on the MapQuest OpenAPI product will stop working.

    You can find documentation and downloads for the MapQuest Platform: Free Edition product on our Developer Network.

    Additional information can be found on:

  • And Now for Something Completely Different

    So you may be looking at that MapQuest map embedded in your site or one of thousands of other sites who also use the MapQuest Platform and thinking: "Is something different today?"

    Your powers of observation have not failed you! But what could it be that's changed? Tough one, I know.

    Have you figured it out yet? The answer is perhaps right in front of you or on the top of this page?

    Yeah, we totally got a new logo.

    Maps all over the globe are now sporting the new MapQuest logo as part of a rollout which began this morning. There's plenty of details over on our sister blog for, as well as announcements on a bunch of new beta features that released with the new branding.

    We hope you like the new look!

  • Other Ways to Track MapQuest

    So you're reading this, which means you either follow our RSS feed, check in on the blog directly, or happened to land here looking for something (which we hope you found BTW). What you might not know is that we have a few other ways to keep tabs on MapQuest news and happenings for both the Developer Blog you're reading and the Blog:

  • Got Flash 10?

    One of the challenges all web developers face is future versions of platforms your application runs on. When a new browser or in this case version 10 of the Adobe Flash Player is on the horizon, it's good to run your application against it to see if any changes will need to be made before the new version goes to production and screens across the Web light up with messages of "An upgrade is available."

    We've recently launched an unsupported version of our AS3 API for those of you working with Flash 10. Some developers have found that our 5.3 release and it's version checking of the Flash Player would cause errors to be thrown. This unsupported release (5.3.1_U) fixes that.

    For the curious, it's an unsupported build because the Flash 10 player is still in development. This update will however allow you to run and test your applications on Flash 10 using the MapQuest AS3 API.

    Oh, one other note: 5.3.1_U also was built for Adobe Flex 3 and AIR.

    We also have unsupported versions of our C++ API for Mac OSX 10.5 (Intel) and a PHP API. You can download them on our Unsupported Tools page.

  • Vote for MapQuest at SXSW!

    We're big fans of the annual SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, TX. Some of us at MapQuest have been attending for years.

    One of the great things about the conference is that it's constantly evolving with the interests of the attendees. The public even contributes to picking the panels that will be available. For SXSW 2009, we have a session up for consideration in the Panel Picker voting:

    "Whereify Your Content; Gain an Audience of Millions"
    Building an audience for your content is expensive. What's a start-up to do to? In this session, we'll talk about some of the ways making your content location-aware can help you quickly build an audience. We'll also show you how to do it.

    It's a timely topic in an increasingly mobile and context-sensitive world and we know a little about helping people find places. So, here's where you can vote and hear what we have to say on the topic of "Whereification."

    • Fill out a quick sign-up at the SXSW Panel Picker. You don't have to be planning to attend SXSW (although you totally should) to vote.
    • Click the "Create an Account to Begin Voting" link
    • Fill out the form and submit
    • Check email for verification link and click.
    • Visit the panel page for: "Whereify Your Content; Gain an Audience of Millions"
    • Vote!

    Voting runs until August 29th and we'll see you in Austin next March!