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  • New Video: Verizon Telematics Partners with MapQuest for Business

    Do you ever wonder how MapQuest for Business powers other companies and their cutting edge solutions? Verizon Telematics' business units including OEM, Hum and fleet leverage several of our APIs and SDKs. Watch the video below to learn how we beat out other suppliers to become Verizon Telematics' preferred geospatial provider.

  • Track your transactions quickly and easily

    We want to make sure you're always in the know and never caught off guard when it comes to your transaction usage. That's why we made it painless to pull a transaction report for your MapQuest account at any given time.

    View Your Transaction Usage

    Log into your MapQuest account and shimmy on over to the Transaction History section on the left hand side of your profile. From here, you can choose the dates you'd like to display and the unit of time. In a few simple steps, you can get a complete view of the number of used transactions. We encourage you to pull reports for usage spanning a couple of months rather than trying to pull your usage over the lifetime of your account.

    Look good? Do that happy dance.

    Transaction Usage Image

    View Transaction By AppKey

    It's okay to be picky. If you prefer to view transaction used by a specific AppKey, simply click on 'All Apps' on the upper right hand corner and choose from a specific application.

    Do you feel the power? Want to control the dates shown on the report for an individual AppKey? Just like the first report, click on 'Pick Date' to customize the report parameters and choose the unit of time displayed.

    If you have any questions, email us at or contact your Account Manager.

  • SocialRadar's LocationKit SDK to be retired April 30, 2017

    For more than three years SocialRadar (now a part of MapQuest, see more below) has helped hundreds of developers with their location needs with our LocationKit SDK. However, since the introduction of our PlaceKit Maps, it has become clear that the PlaceKit data and maps are the largest innovation in mapping since the compass (or something darn close). It is that technology that is driving our customers to become market leaders. Therefore, we have made the decision to shutter LocationKit and focus on PlaceKit.

    Beginning April 30, 2017 we will be taking LocationKit offline and will no longer support the product.

    We are committed to ensuring the transition away from LocationKit is as seamless as possible for our current customers. If you're an active user, please reach out to with any questions, comments or for general support.

    Also, in case you missed it, SocialRadar was recently acquired by MapQuest. If you haven't yet, check out MapQuest's development tools and offerings. From geocoding, mapping, search and traffic APIs to location intelligence, they have a bevy of products that can help you reach your goals. See more here.

  • Night mode now available with MapQuest's Mobile Map SDKs

    Hot off the press! We have the latest and great version of our Mobile Map SDKs for both Android and iOS. Android Map SDK version 1.3.20 and iOS Map version 3.4.1-1.0 are now available for download on our Android documentation page and iOS documentation page.

    Both Android and iOS SDKs include a new map style — night mode. Night modes is less distracting and easier on the eyes, helping to promote safe driving. Our mobile map styles are customizable, allowing your map to automatically convert to night mode based on rules such as the hour of the day or display night mode at all times.

    Additionally, version 1.3.10 of the Android Map SDK includes a new class — the MapquestAccountManager class. This minor update is strictly for account authentication purposes.

    Our teams were also working hard on behind-the-scene updates. The newest versions includes the latest open source code releases and fixes to issues reported for memory and display issues.

    As a reminder, on June 6, 2017, our Flash Map SDK will no longer be available and you will receive an error when trying to access it. We encourage our Flash Map SDK users to transition to the latest version of our Mobile Map SDKs or Leaflet v2.2. Those looking to migrate to our Leaflet Plugins, please reference this migration guide on our Developer Network and these helpful demos on our Leaflet Plugins to transition to our latest version, 2.2.

    Need additional support with the migration such as professional service support? Please feel free to contact us at

  • MapQuest for Business: New Look, Better Experience

    It's a new year and MapQuest for Business has a new look.

    Just like some of your New Year's resolutions to shape up, MapQuest for Business did the same, and we're taking the responsibilities that come with a new look seriously.

    In addition to improving our look, our resolutions are to make MapQuest for Business as easy-to-navigate as possible and to ensure our site is a valuable resource for all of our customers. The result? A better experience and way to access all MapQuest for Business has to offer. Check it out.

    We made our product, solution and company information easily accessible for you, our valued customer. Also, we took your feedback to heart and enhanced our user portal. For example, you'll see your most recent keys created, your plan details and billing information on your account profile after logging in. No more hunting around.

    Go ahead and check out our new website, logo and branding. We'd love to hear what you think!