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  • MapQuest for Business: New Look, Better Experience

    It's a new year and MapQuest for Business has a new look.

    Just like some of your New Year's resolutions to shape up, MapQuest for Business did the same, and we're taking the responsibilities that come with a new look seriously.

    In addition to improving our look, our resolutions are to make MapQuest for Business as easy-to-navigate as possible and to ensure our site is a valuable resource for all of our customers. The result? A better experience and way to access all MapQuest for Business has to offer. Check it out.

    We made our product, solution and company information easily accessible for you, our valued customer. Also, we took your feedback to heart and enhanced our user portal. For example, you'll see your most recent keys created, your plan details and billing information on your account profile after logging in. No more hunting around.

    Go ahead and check out our new website, logo and branding. We'd love to hear what you think!

  • New status message for Directions API

    In effort to provide our Directions API users additional information on why a requested route failed, the Directions API will be updated with a new status message on Tuesday, January 17.

    For time-dependent route requests in which the only possible path to the destination encounters a timed access restriction, the service will now provide a status message to let users know why the request resulted in no route. The purpose of the status message is to provide our customers with supplemental information on why a route was not generated.

    Previous maneuver notes:,-73.999462&to=40.746954,-73.995367

    New status message:,-73.999462&to=40.746954,-73.995367

    This release will take place during the maintenance window on Tuesday, January 17 and we expect there to be no impact to your services. Additionally, this update requires no update on your end.

  • Huge news from MapQuest

    2017 is poised to be a big year for us here at MapQuest and we're more excited than ever for the year ahead! As we continue to grow and focus the direction of our business, we are excited to share with you that MapQuest will be moved out from under AOL and into Verizon's Product Innovation and New Business organization. MapQuest will continue to operate with a hyper focus on location and location data and we will be working with Verizon to combine their location assets within the MapQuest platform. This is a monumental transition for MapQuest, and as a valued customer, we are thrilled to invite you to be a part of this incredible opportunity.

    So what does this mean? Verizon has put a tremendous amount of resources and effort into products and services that utilize location services. Now, MapQuest's location platform will be the connective tissue, enhancing and connecting all of Verizon's investments in location and location signal data into one place. The result? Verizon's first Location Center of Excellence (COE). The COE will enable:

    • Further investment to enable rapid innovation in the geospatial industry;
    • Accelerated product development across all divisions of MapQuest;
    • Richer and more robust location data, enabling more strategic location-based business decisions.

    More information to come in the upcoming months but in case you were wondering, it's a pretty big deal :).

    Logistically, nothing will change in terms of how you or your team interacts with MapQuest or our employees. Our current offerings will continue to improve and MapQuest will continue to operate independently. We will remain headquartered in Denver, CO.

    Our partners and customers are among our most valuable assets and there is no doubt this move will accelerate our growth and significantly enhance our product development and product offerings.

    We thank you for being a valued partner and, as always, please reach out with any specific questions to

    Here's to a Happy New Year! We are more excited than ever about what 2017 will mean at MapQuest!

  • MapQuest acquires SocialRadar

    We're thrilled to announce our recent acquisition of SocialRadar, a cutting edge location and mapping company.

    SocialRadar provides the industry's most accurate POI dataset by providing the exact latitude and longitude of every business storefront and entry point. Using street level imagery, algorithmic automation and human verification, this dataset's precision helps debunk some of the most significant problems facing POIs today. MapQuest is proud to offer this highly accurate authenticated location data through SocialRadar's PlaceKit solution.

    MapQuest customers now benefit from:

    • Precise POI placement. PlaceKit provides the most accurate and complete business listings including the store location, placement of doors, business footprint polygon and more for POIs across the US. Better data = better user experience, better targeted marketing and more accurate analytics around visitation
    • Flawless directions. No matter how your customers travel, our augmented POI data makes for unbeatable directions, getting your customers to your front door faster.
    • Quicker answers. With the industry's most accurate POI database, search results will be more reliable than ever. This future initiative is set to kick off in 2017.

    Check out how MapQuest's POIs from SocialRadar now stack up against a few other POI providers:

    To learn more about how to access this new POI data, contact us at

  • New features added to Search Ahead API

    We're not letting any grass grow under our feet here at MapQuest. New features are being added left and right, and our Search Ahead API is the latest service to benefit.

    Our most recent Improvements to POI and address queries provide faster and more comprehensive results, helping to enhance your customer's overall search experience. Specific enhancements include:

    • Improved support for pre-directionals in address queries.
      • Example: 16536 W 14th Pl or 16536 West 14th Pl will provide the same suggestion regardless of whether the query specifics 'W' or 'West.'
    • POI and location suggestions are both returned for queries that include the name of a POI and the city or city, state.
      • Example: 'Starbucks Denver or 'Starbucks Denver CO' will surface Starbucks locations in Denver, CO
    • The revision of our location biasing strategy for address queries. Address suggestions that are farther away from a user's specified location are surfaced more quickly than before.
    • 'Id' and 'name' fields have been added to suggestions surfaced from the address and adminArea collection.
    • 'Id' field have been added to suggestions surfaced from the POI collection*.

    Still holding out from trying MapQuest's Search Ahead API? Learn more about our predictive search API by visiting our product and documentation pages.

    *Please note, our POI collection is currently available to Enterprise Edition clients as a premium data add-on to the Enterprise Edition license.