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  • Modernization of MapQuest results in changes to direct tile access

    MapQuest is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions to our customers by leveraging the most updated technology. As a result, we’re transitioning our foundational structure to the cloud and with this transition comes updates to our current offerings.

    On Monday, July 11, 2016, our direct tile access to MapQuest legacy maps will be discontinued. After Monday, July 11, 2016, we’ll require those using our direct tiles access to sign up for a plan on the Developer Network. We offer a free plan with 15,000 monthly transactions and encourage you to transition to one of our four mapping solutions after transitioning to a plan:

    Please find the answers to some of the questions we anticipate around these changes below. If you have additional questions about these changes, please email us at or contact us via our forum.

    If I don’t sign up for a new AppKey, will my service be shut off?

    If you’re currently getting direct tile access, your service will be shut off beginning Monday,  July 11, 2016. We encourage you to sign up for a plan to access an AppKey and access our various mapping solutions.

    Do I have to pay to sign up for an AppKey?

    We offer a number of plans including a Free option. The available plans include: Free, Basic, Plus, Business, Business Enhanced, Business Plus, and Business Plus Enhanced. Each plan gives you access to a number of great features including Leaflet Plugins, geocoding, maps, forum support and more, and have transaction limits associated with them. Please see our plans page for information about each of the plans.

    What are the differences between the plans you offer?

    The biggest difference between the majority of our plans is based on number of transactions. Our Enterprise-level plan includes additional benefits and flexibility. Please see our plans page for pricing and additional information. If you are interested in an Enterprise-level plan, please contact us to discuss licensing options.

    How are transactions counted within your mapping solutions?

    A map transaction is generally generated under the following circumstances:

    • The initial load of the map when using SDKs such as the JavaScript Maps API, Leaflet Plugins, Mobile SDKS, or legacy Flash Maps API

    • There is a change in zoom level

    • There is a change in map type, for instance, a change from the default map to satellite imagery

    • The user pans and causes more than 40% of the displayed map to change (legacy Flash Maps API only).

    • A request is made to the Static Map API Web Service.

    What if I need help with the transition to a new mapping solution?

    Please visit the forums on our Developer Network if you have questions about transitioning from direct tile access to Leaflet, Mobile SDK or Static Map API.

  • New, modern map styles for MapQuest

    MapQuest maps are getting a shiny new look. The good news? You don’t have to do anything! The even better news? Our newly styled maps will elevate the overall experience and interactions your users have with the maps on your site or within your app.

    Over the next month, we’re transitioning to a new, modern map style within our various mapping solutions.


    This update will not require any action from you, everything will be updated on the below dates:

    Tuesday, June 21, 2016

    • Static Map v4

    • JavaScript API - all versions

    • Leaflet 1.0, 1.1, 1.2

    Monday, July 11, 2016
    • Flash SDK

    Again, the transition will not require any action on your end. If you have any questions on the updated maps, please reach out to us via our forum or email.
  • New Portal Features Available to Enterprise Edition Customers

    Additional MapQuest account information will soon be available at your fingertips! New features are being added over the next month to the Enterprise account management portal, helping you better manage your account and keep a pulse on your transaction usage. Previously, the number of transactions during a given time and the type of APIs and SDKs used were accessible to Enterprise customers. The following account details will be new and can be viewed after logging into your Enterprise account on the Developer Network:
    • Number of transactions used against your limit during the current license term
    • Your Account Manager contact information
    As an added benefit, we will provide advanced notifications via email when you’re approaching your transaction limit, once you’ve hit your limit, and incrementally thereafter. What do you need to do? Not much! Simply login to view your account information over the next month. Use your existing account email to log into our Developer Network here: If you have questions about your transaction usage specific to your license, feel free to reach out to your Account Manager. Their contact information can be found under ‘Account Information’ on the left hand side after logging into your account.  
  • Product Launch: Reinvent your maps with our Mobile SDKs for iOS and Android

    We have a lot of exciting things going on here at MapQuest. Our new mobile map SDK will allow you to deliver a fully native mapping experience across all platforms and the ability to control the look of your maps along with vector-based traffic. In addition, we’re modernizing across the board with an updated map stack and the sunsetting of some of our older products including Flash, JavaScript, and Leaflet V1. Read on to learn more.

    Mobile Map SDK

    We’re excited to announce the launch of our mobile map SDK, allowing you to deliver a fully native mapping experience across all platforms. Regardless of the screen, your customers will have a consistent and familiar experience with you and your brand. Our new native mobile maps are available in two styles including satellite style with road overlays and our newly redesigned MapQuest style. The satellite style with road overlay maps combine satellite imagery, road networks and cities. These beautiful, fully rotatable and zoomable maps will help you create top-notch interactions with your customers. Whether your map is used to find the closest store or if your delivery teams leverage maps to pinpoint their next stop, you can guarantee intuitive interaction with a modern look. Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 12.06.44 PM  

    Vector-Based Traffic

    Control the look of your maps with our vector-based traffic. Want to match the color of traffic with your brand? Go ahead! You can customize the format of the traffic line and the colors to your heart’s desire. Your mobile user will benefit from faster load times and a clearer picture with our new vector-based traffic within our mobile maps SDK.

    Mapping and vector based traffic is just the beginning of our redesigned mobile SDKs. We’re continuously adding to include the various services we offer today — asset tracking, search, directions, geofencing, and more.

    Updated Map Stack

    In July 2016, we’ll be transitioning all of our existing maps to our new, modern map style. Our newly styled maps are bound to improve the overall experience and interactions your users have with the maps on your site or within your app. This will not require any action from our customers, rather everything will be updated seamlessly.

    Sunsetting of Flash and JavaScript

    Thanks to these and other features we’ve added to our SDKs, we’ve enhanced our overall strength and capabilities. Today, the performance, consistency and capabilities of our Leaflet Plugins has progressed, making them an increasingly better alternative to our legacy Flash and JavaScript mapping SDKs. As a result, we’re beginning the deprecation of these services. Below are the retirement dates for these mapping SDKs:

    • Flash Maps SDK (Licensed, Open, Mobile): 6/6/2017

    • JavaScript Maps API (Licensed & Open): 6/5/2018

    • Leaflet 1.1, 1.2, 1.3: 6/6/2017

    • iOS and Android mobile SDKs v1: 9/6/2016

    On these dates, the SDK and API will be turned off and we encourage Developers using these existing applications to migrate to our new Android SDK, iOS SDK or V2 of our Leaflet Plugins as soon as possible.

    Developers looking to migrate to our Leaflet Plugins should reference this migration guide on our Developer Network with step by step recommendations. And check these helpful demos on our Leaflet Plugins. Additionally, our professional services team is here to help make this transition as easy as possible for you and your team. Reach out to us at for additional assistance.
  • 5 Items to Consider When Refactoring an API

    Do you ever wonder what our developers are up to when they're not working on new mapping or routing solutions? Check out what steps our development takes when improving our current API set in this recent post from Kumiko Yamazaki on DZone.